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Jan '08

The Dating Game

Curious how many people are out there frustrated with the dating scene for the 50 plus group?  What has happened to the old fashioned way of meeting for a cup of coffee or a light meal and having a getting to know you kind of conversation?  When did SEX become the priority topic after half hour?  I am finding this happening more and more with the older gentleman who are the ones that knew how to be a gentleman many years back.  Do we lose it as we age?  It is not flattering to me or others to discuss sex at this early meeting.  It is a complete turnoff.  The statement “I am a touchy -feely type of guy” tells me what- exactly?  Does it mean you are affectionate and enjoy affection or does it mean you will be groping and pawing someone most of the time?  It does not paint a great picture. 

Guys, what are you looking for in a first date?  Help us out here.  We are not prudes, we are feminine and we are ladies and we do have ethics and morals.  We love to dine and dance and cuddle when the chemistry is there and the time is right.  But when is the right time?

2 comments to “The Dating Game”

  1. Walk Says:

    Didn’t you say a few post back: “My posture is upright with shoulders back and my core is tight almost as flat as a teenager with a tight backside (trying for J-Lo’s)”. I imagine that has something to do with the unwanted advances, we men are a sight oriented group. Show us some leg and cleavage and we’re happy. lol. I don’t care what age a man or woman is, there shouldn’t be sex talk on the first date. A lot of that has to do with respect, and there are those out there that have no repect themselves so they can’t respect others.

  2. msmillie Says:

    Walk- You got me – I did say all that – but I never realized that men are a “sight oriented group” as you pointed out. Looking good has its pitfalls in some areas as well as complements so I will not let it deter me from my routines. I am sure there are men out there that do have respect for women and hopefully they will surface.