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Dec '07

The Big C Strikes Again

For months I have been promising myself to call Evelyn to take in a movie and go to a lunch or early dinner. She doesn’t drive and I don’t drive at night so the right time is hard to schedule. When I did see her at a dance recently I asked how she was and she said “don’t you know”? The shivers went down my spine and my eyes widened as I knew the reply was not going to be good. Evelyn went on to tell me that she had been feeling very tired and coughing quite a bit that on Thanksgiving Day she went to the Emergency Room. After doing all kinds of workups, tests and x-rays the outcome was two spots on her lungs that turned out to be cancerous. She has never smoked but her deceased husband smoked for years in her presence. Secondhand smoke claims another person and this person is the kindest, sweetest woman walking. I put my arms around her and just hugged her reassuring her that I would be there for her 24/7 if necessary.

Evelyn has no family to speak of to help out. Myself and a group of friends and neighbors will pitch in to do what we can for her. Once again I will be saying prayers for the possibility of a cure. We have to believe in miracles.

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