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May '09

The Big Band was Back

It was a wonderful afternoon at the Richey Suncoast theatre today.  The Frank Parson’s Big Band played their last concert for this season and it was enjoyable especially with Fred Noon adding just the right joke or two.  He gets a chuckle out of the audience and his own personal playing and conducting is also excellent.

Frank manages to give a little blurb on each selection as to the composer, band player, singer, origin.  Afterwards, he introduces the soloists and the instrument they played.  Sometimes,  we get a chance to guess the year and title.  It just adds to the program.

Liz Anthony sang and sometimes her choices make her voice sound strained.  The songs she chooses are out of her range in my opinion,  but every once in awhile, she will find the right mix and  viola,  she sounds awesome.

This is it until October and the 24th of May is the last of the Sunday performances until September.  “Hello Dolly”  should be  a toe- tapping production and lots of fun.  I know I will be dancing in my seat……..

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