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Mar '08

That Ol’ Devil Moon

Have you ever wondered about your moods, sleep patterns at certain times of the month?   I  could hear and see a huge change in peoples actions and voices when I was employed.  Dealing with the public is not an easy feat to begin with.  My employer clued me in about 15 years ago saying that the accident rate increased 3-4 days before and on the full moon.  More crimes are supposedly committed and suicides increase, also. 

Personally, I found it true of my own actions but for years prior I always blamed it on women’s hormones fluctuating.   I decided to mark on my calendar if not already noted the day of the full moon and circle the 4-5 days prior.   There I was every month with the mood swings, the wide awake nights 2-3 right before the full moon.   When friends of mine remarked, about not sleeping good, being in a terrible mood, having foot in mouth disease, I shared this tidbit with them.  Circle your calendar and see what happens.  Maybe we can change our thinking ahead of the calendar.  Try it and let me know if it works.  Who did sing that song anyway?

1 comment to “That Ol’ Devil Moon”

  1. Walk Says:

    Full moon or not, I’m in a mood now, I’m in the mood for some chocolate.