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Apr '08

Tax Deadline Just 6 Days Away

Hope all of you procrastinators are getting your papers in order. April 15 is around the corner, 6 days to be exact. We have been swamped at the site where I am helping prepare taxes for the people with low to medium incomes. In addition to those that just need to file to get the stimulus monies.

So many people with ideas of how they are going to spend their windfall of $300 or $600. Some are leery of what is behind this generosity? Will they have claim it next year, where is the money coming from? Why not just lower the gas prices? Why for a lot of different reasons. But no one is available to answer the whys and why nots, My money is going towards my cruise, no questions asked!!!!!!



Don’t forget and don’t be late, or even if you are eligible, you may not get your Stimulus Payment!

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