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May '08

Sunday is a Special Day

A few years ago on Mother’s Day, my sons called and wished me a wonderful day. My sisters and I exchanged phone greetings as well as my brother. It was a beautiful sunny day, but somehow I was not my bubbly, happy self. As I pondered and tried to read the Sunday papers while listening to the radio, I could hear the beginning words to a familiar song being sung by Elvis, titled Are You Lonesome Tonight?

I literally flew to the remote to raise the volume. As he sang, my eyes filled with tears and the light went on in my “house of memories”. That was my Mother’s favorite song. She sang that many years ago to my Dad and I knew then why my day was not so happy … I didn’t have a Mommy anymore. She had passed back in 1994. It was the strangest feeling, but I overcame the sadness thinking of all the wonderful things she had done for me. I just wish I could thank her again today.

Being a Mom has it’s rewards all year round. It is a role we have for a lifetime no matter how old our children are. It is a treasure box of memories. To all the wonderful Mothers in the world, Have a Wonderful Mothers Day!

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