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Dec '08

Summer Weather

Today is warm and sunny and I sort of feel guilty after seeing the ice storm up North over the weekend.  I remember the year we had one in New York and Long Island and I think almost every neighborhood was without power except for us.  Believe it or not I was still able to use my Electrolux sweeper that I used everyday.  I think back and wonder, was I a fanatic or just a bundle of nerves?   Now, my Electrolux sits in my closet and  every once in awhile I use the featherlite Bissell.  It is amazing how we do change as we age or is it just not a priority any more?  

You can see by my past two postings where my priorities lie.  Give me fun, parties, dancing and dining and I am ready to enjoy as Ester and I did at the Christmas party.  No big raffles this time but the band was great and we all danced in between the food courses being served.  Ester looked beautiful in her gold/black gown and I wore a velvet black long dress that brought lots of complements.  Lucky for me, there is another party this weekend that Ester has invited me to.  This time it is five ladies with the same birthday celebrating together……….This should be a blast.

More dancing, more fun, more laughs.  I am thinking this is how life should be all the time!  I know I am not being realistic, but at this time of the  year, why not?

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