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Jun '12

Summer Time

My goodness this month is almost over and it seems like it has just begun.   Having a love of astrology and seeing first hand how compatible I am with certain signs of the zodiac I came to realize just how many Gemini’s there are in my family.  It started with my long-term friend  Clint born on  June 3-followed by my yoga and Pilates friend Linda on June 10 and my nephew in  New York on the eleventh of June followed by Anthony my great grand-son on the 13th and Joey becoming a teenager on the eighteenth.   My youngest grand-daughter a year old born on May 26 the same day as my oldest sister Jo.

In between I have two good friends Anne on the 16th of June and Michelle on the 22nd which I believe is the cusp but none the less she is  a sweetheart to me!  The Gemini’s seem to be happy-go-lucky folks with positive outlooks on life and our relationships seem to thrive more than others.  That is not to say the other astrological signs are not as good I simply have more Gemini’s to make this comparison and I do feel blessed to have them in my life.

By the way today is the first day of summer and it is also the longest day of the year with the most daylight hours.  This is the equinox and starting tomorrow we lose a minute a day of daylight, hence we head towards fall and then winter but hold on,  we have a long ways to go till then.  Let’s enjoy the sun and fun that summertime can bring!!

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