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May '09

Summer is giving us a Preview

The weather here has been hot for this time of the year and still no rain.  Low 90’s with beautiful sunshine and blue skies with puffy white clouds.  It makes my singing lessons a breeze as I practice over and over the breathing exercises and the scales.  I have been taping myself and I must admit there is a vast improvement from 11 weeks ago when I first braved the idea of taking voice lessons.  This is a wonderful experience that is motivating me to expand and learn to play the keyboard.  Then I can sing, play and dance (but not all at the same time) until I figure a way to do it.

Tomorrow is a very special day for all the Mom’s that have given their love and time to their children and manage to keep harmony in the families, too.

Let us toast “A Very Happy Mother’s Day to All”.

Enjoy your Sunday!

1 comment to “Summer is giving us a Preview”

  1. Walk Says:

    Would you please take some of our rain please!!!

    You could learn to play the squeezebox then you could play, sing and dance all at once.