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Sep '11

Steam Heat Go Away

Where o where are the cool breezes of Fall?  Are we ever going to don a sweater or wear jeans to keep a little warm.   This seems like the longest stretch of hot humid air in years.  Do you think (maybe like me) that the four seasons just might be a thing of the past?

It sure seems like it is getting warmer each year and for longer periods of time.  Although it is brighter as far as the sunshine goes, the cost of the air-conditioning running day after day becomes expensive.  All I really want is a hint of a breeze and no humidity, if only for a month or two.

Who knows maybe tomorrow on the first day of Fall, we might be surprised!

2 comments to “Steam Heat Go Away”

  1. MaryA Says:

    I hope you get some relief down there soon.
    Up here in the Pacific Northwest we are delighted to have just one more day of nice weather. We didn’t see the sun until the first of August.

  2. Ms. Millie Says:

    The weather folks are promising a fall-like weekend but I have my doubts if looking out the window is any indication. It is 82 and humid with a chance of thunder storms. I don’t know how you do it Mary
    without seeing the sun.