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Nov '07

Springtime in November

Spring was back in the air with sunny skies and the chill of high 50’s was gone. It was refreshing to open the windows and let some fresh air in. Turning off the a/c was nice but at night I flicked the switch to heat just to ward off the chill. It was nice to sleep under a blanket with a hint of cool air. Sunday morning newspaper advertising all the sales for the coming holidays were waiting to be read while I prepared my breakfast of scrambled eggs, rye toast, v-8 juice and coffee. Spoke to a few family members as I listened and ate quietly. With my list in hand I headed to the closest stores to do a look see and make some decisions as to where my best bargains would be. I will probably shop when I return from my trip to NY for Thanksgiving. This year I will be having dinner with my son Darrin in his new digs in Brooklyn (Carroll Gardens). He lives three stories up which in a Brooklyn Brownstone means steps – not sure how many? I am hoping my strong legs will carry me up before my breath gives out. He has a new lovable addition named Sam and I have been told he is playful and sweet. I am thinking this will be a love love relationship as I love dogs and hopefully Sam will feel the same. A few days before my trip to Brooklyn, I will spend some time with my older son and family out in Suffolk County. I raised my sons in this house so it is like going home again. It will be nice to see my grandchildren and two little great grandkids. Tuesday I will return to Florida with good memories, hugs and kisses to keep me till my next visit. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving Day. Don’t eat too much.

1 comment to “Springtime in November”

  1. Walk Says:

    Mille have a great trip and enjoy your family. I’ll be looking forward to your return post filled with the events of your holiday.