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May '13

Special Dates in the Month of May

May 4 brought me to a celebratory status (being featured in the local newspaper for my take on doing yoga) and how it benefits our old or young bodies.  The reporter did a great article and a nice photo of me, too!  I made sure I sent the link to all of my family and friends to share and to also tell and perhaps encourage them to try a class or two.  I find it addictive besides loving the different postures along with the calmness that follows each class.

On Sunday my great grand-daughter turned 12 and it is amazing how the years just fly by or perhaps it only seems that way now that I am older.  I can recall waiting endlessly to turn 18 as I thought I could be totally independent  of my parents.  But in retrospect I should have heeded my Daddy’s words in many instances.  Fortunately, I did learn over the years from the poor choices I had made and have found that I am leading a pretty happy life filled with lots of love from my wonderful children and grand-children.  With my two great grand-kids growing-up quickly besides a new grand baby on the way in a few months, I think my plate is overflowing with goodness.

Yesterday was my baby brothers birthday.  He has an incredible youthful attitude and demeanor for his 71 years.  Frank, like myself loves to write and has made a successful career of it over the years.  He excels in poetry writing and reporting on local events in his area.

And so on to Mothers Day this coming Sunday and then in a few weeks, my youngest grand-daughter’s second birthday will be on the 26th along with my sister turning 82 on the same day.  Gee, I wonder “how lucky can one woman be to have all of this joy?”   But believe me, I am grateful for this bounty of goodness!

To all the wonderful Mothers out there reading my blog, I wish you a wonderful well deserved Mothers Day.  You sure have earned it!

2 comments to “Special Dates in the Month of May”

  1. Walk Says:

    Happy Mother’s day to you too. I’ve been so busy, sounds like you have too, that I haven’t dropped by in a while. Missed talking with you. Time does seem to pass quickly, but as you have noticed, that just means we get all these blessings wrapped up together. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    It was so good to hear from you. I too have missed our chats Walk. Have a great week and thank you for your time.