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Apr '08

Songs of My Past

Now that the warm weather season is fast approaching us Floridians, my mind travels back to my teenage years growing up in New York City. We would head for the rooftops of the five or six story tenement buildings. We would bring a blanket that we smuggled out of the house and some baby oil to get a sunburn and we called our place “Tar Beach”. This was our way of getting some sun and catching up about all the boys and the recent gossip. A famous fifties song was written and titled “Up on the Roof” sung by the Drifters. Here is a link to a site you might enjoy called Jango. I use it to help recapture some my fondest musical memories.

Along with this thinking comes another song to mind, also by the Drifters titled “Under the Boardwalk”. This was for all of us teenage lovers and steadies (as we called it) hanging out under the boardwalk where we could make out and just be alone amongst all the other teenagers. So many wonderful memories from the FIfties. Enjoy the trip back in time. It seems like only yesterday when I was a teenager, yeah, yeah. Just a teenager, asking “Why do Fools Fall in Love?”

2 comments to “Songs of My Past”

  1. Walk Says:

    Why is it that the teenage years are so fondly remembered? Is it that it is the time of our lives for firsts? The first love, first kiss, first time to drive, first freedom from our parents, and on and on. I’ve written several short stories about some of my firsts. I may have to post them sometime. Thanks for making me reminiscence, now if I can get my mind back on work….

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Walk, it would be wonderful for you to share your stories with us. I look forward to reading some and see if they relate to some of my first’s?