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Sep '09

So Many Choices

Tonight offers a variety of  season premiers  (finally no more reruns) and I am ready with my cup of herbal tea.

For those  of you who might remember Al  Capp, the play Lil Abner opened the season at the Richey Suncoast Theater last Thursday evening.  My ticket was for yesterday’s matinee and it was very pleasant to see the many familiar faces in the lobby.   A great majority like myself had read the favorable reviews of the play and were anxious to see it for ourselves.

I totally agreed with the critic’s review of how well the play was presented.    Daisy Mae’s character was portrayed by a very talented young lady with big expressive eyes and a perfect voice to match.  Lil Abner the handsome cute man- child was brilliantly played by a wonderful actor.  It was lite-hearted, fun and enjoyable.

For me Ms Millie,  it was a heavenly Sunday and an even better Monday.  Hope yours were good too!

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