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Aug '07

So I Think I Can Dance

I have always enjoyed music and dancing especially the Lindy and the Fox Trot, Mambo on New Yorks City Streets, Rhumba and then the 50’s came in and we started doing the Fish……..What great memories and wonderful music. We had movies with dance stars like Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Tony Martin, Cyd Charisse……In one famous movie Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra and I forget the other sailor’s name, they were dancing and singing to ” Singing in the Rain.” I always thought I danced pretty good and dancing with my brother in law was always special as he could and still can at 82 do a mean Lindy (today it would be called the Swing) Since then we have had lots of new dances….Hip Hop, Twist, Moon walk and Disco but no Dance fever so to speak in the past 10 or 15 years……….

Then T.V. started “Dancing with the Stars” and I just loved every moment, every costume….I then realized I could not dance, I was just moving to the beat but my legs weren’t doing any of those moves and kicks and dips….I would give my eyetooth to wear some of those costumes but I would have to borrow their bodies to make them look as good as they do on them….Each time they started a new season I just loved every beat and rooted for all of them……..

Tonight there was the finale and the winner of “So you think you can Dance” and Sabra a wonderful little young girl with only 4 years of dancing under her belt brought down the balloons, confetti and bells and whistles………She won 1/4 of a million dollars and she definitely deserved but the other finalists shoud have won some prizes…..They were all so very talented……..

I think I am going to start taking ballroom dancing lessons……Who knows, they might have a Senior Dancing with the stars and I can strut my stuff! Anyone out there want to join me????

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