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Dec '08

Snow in the Forecast

My family up North has mentioned they might be having a White Christmas this year as the snow fell lightly today out in Long Island, New York.  I am sure my young grandson Joey is having fun on his sled.  I can vividly recall how pretty it is seeing snow coming down, but I sure don’t miss the drive to and from work and white knuckling my steering wheel.  Back in 1978 I believe we had a record snowfall that closed businesses, schools and the Internal Revenue Office where I was employed for three days.  The parking lots were filled months after with piles of frozen snow until the warmer temperatures came to melt it all and it wasn’t a pretty sight.  It will be warmer and cozier to see it on the television and sing” I am dreaming of a White Christmas’ and drink my hot chocolate with visions of yesteryear.   For all of my readers experiencing winter storms please be careful and be safe.

2 comments to “Snow in the Forecast”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Hi Ms. Millie,

    Loved your pictures from the dance…..I am one of your friends stuck up North in this blizzard. It is a little more than a snowfall. Everything is closed for the 2nd time in the past 4 days. Looks like we will have a very snowy visit here in Western New York. I now wonder how we ever lived thru it all….Lucky you with all that sunshine

  2. MsMillie Says:

    Thank you for your compliment. If I could- I would package up some blue sky and sunshine and ship it via Express Mail.

    Please be safe and warm as the holidays arrive. We know the little ones will be happy that Santa and his sleigh will be gliding over the snow. There is something to be said about “White Christmas” and so someone’s dreams will be answered.