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Feb '11

Smiles of Gratitude

I am beginning to believe that Saturday’s at the gift shop are by far one of my favorite things to do besides working with my children at school.  As each potential customer comes in I greet them with a big smile and a friendly hello.   And if only for a second or two, they seem to take a calming breath and then proceed to look at our array of gifts, fresh flowers and stuffed animals.   We have quite an assortment with some that even have songs commemorating an occasion embedded.  (A little tag stating press here) and the song begins, it could be  Happy Birthday or God Bless America,  from our Soldier doll that somehow brings tears to my eyes each time I hear it.

And just this afternoon, I had the good fortune of not one but two new Daddies that seemed to beaming from ear to ear as they shared their babies weight and names to me.  One bought a cap that read across the band “Brand New Dad” and the other a stuffed dog  “for my baby boy.”    It is the joys of  life that I get to share and it is the most gratifying feeling of being able to volunteer in this capacity.

I truly look forward to my Saturdays at the gift shop.

Perhaps some of you with a free afternoon or morning would enjoy helping out at your local hospital.  It is by far a two way gift…..

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