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Apr '11

Shock at the Pump

Last year I believe was the first time that I paid over $20.00 to fill up my car and I was flabbergasted.  How would I have managed to pay this when I was still employed?  As it was I did thirty-six miles round trip five days a week and my salary was never the greatest.  Now my income has shrunk even more with no increase in Social Security the past two years and my medical insurance is eating up my little pension check. And so if this pattern continues to spiral upwards my pension check will be negative and I will be paying out-of-pocket for the rest of  my health insurance premium.

I think that what bothers me most is that I have always considered myself a good manager of money and still today, I  cut and use coupons. But there are no coupons available to purchase gas.  And so today my car needed to be refueled and  as I stopped at the gas station I did see the price per gallon but I never calculated what it would be to fill my Corolla?

It seemed the numbers changed quickly and when I saw the twenty one-twenty four and then the click of the fill up and I saw  a total of $30.41.   I was speechless except for the expletive  that came out of my mouth.  I think my mouth is still wide open and repeating I don’t believe I just paid this amount of money to fill my car?   In all of my years of driving this was a first and I know that this is not the end of being shocked as the prices continue to rise.

All I thought at the moment that me a senior citizen paying $30.41 for gasoline is unbelievable and I feel for everyone including my self.

How are we supposed to manage when every thing is going up?  How much is too much?

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