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Oct '12

Setting an Example

How do we teach our children to listen and learn?  I seem to recall my parents telling me to do as I say, not as I do.   If we try to follow our candidates debates and not lose confidence in the honor system, one could learn how to debate and perhaps win votes for the best person qualified.  From all I have heard and seen,  it is truly disheartening not only for me as a woman but that I am also a  senior dependent on my earned Social Security and pension.   I worked thirty plus years as a single parent with out help from anyone or any system.  It is embarrassing to see how two grown educated men are tearing each other apart and I am the point of thinking I might relinquish my right to vote this year.  We need to change how we show our qualifications without ripping the other person apart.   We need to have plans in place and not just words repeated over and over.   There are jobs that some people will not take because they feel they are worth more but when you are hungry and have bills, every bit helps.  So pride should not play a part in the equation and any candidate in my opinion that has lived a life of luxury can not empathize with us middle class folks that need a budget or perhaps food stamps (because of unforeseen circumstances) and medicare.

We have one more debate and my hope is there will be some drastic change in how it is handled and perhaps by sheer miracle we get a clear picture and plan.  I am a true believer of miracles.  How about you?

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