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Apr '11

See You in the Fall

There is something wonderful about tax day here in Florida as our stores and roads become less congested.  Somehow this date signals a return home for many to file their taxes and also to escape our wonderful hot humid sunny days ahead.

For me I think I might be spoiled just a little liking the idea of leisurely shopping and walking around (without worrying about shopping carts and other driven carts) beeping you to get by like they were on a road.  Many a time I have thought aloud ” how about a traffic lane and stop lights for these drivers?”   But all kidding aside, we need the dollars they bring and spend in our shops and restaurants.

Besides, one never knows when perhaps they might be needing one of these carts to get around.  So Ms Millie will enjoy their absence for a while and will know when Fall is upon us once again.

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