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Aug '08

School Bells

Next Monday, summer vacation is over for our children – the first day of school begins….I am probably the only person excited.  The teachers have been back for two weeks getting the classrooms stocked and organized.  By the time Monday comes, they will be ready for their new boys and girls as they line up and try to smile and appear happy.  The girls are always spiffy in their new dresses and the boys with their hair combed and laces tied (even it is for one day)  march into their new classrooms.

My class will be second graders.  This is a repeat as I helped with this grade in the 2006-2007  school year.  I will have a little heads up on some of the work and answers. Believe me,  there are times I am hearing and learning along with the students.  I find the teaching concept is easier to understand or is it my age?    Anyway, this is my plan for Wednesday August 20TH as I step into the classroom and meet my new friends for this school year.  I can hardly wait………..

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