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Aug '08

School Bells are Ringing for Me

Friends have been teasing me as of late with questions of “have you started back volunteering with your kids?” You always seem happier with your eager smile and news of what they have accomplished. This is so true of me. Of all the things I have done for keeping busy since I retired, this is the ‘creme Dela creme’.

Working with children is so rewarding in every aspect but most of all when they give you that big smile, letting you know you have made a difference if only for an hour or two. My wish is more retirees will join myself and others in volunteering at the schools. There are more than enough children to go around. You will never regret the time given to a child.

Monday morning can’t come soon enough. I know I will be a little nervous for just a few minutes and once I see all these new cute faces, relaxation and patience will take over. This will be my sixth school year and my second time with children in the second grade 8-9 year old.

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