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Apr '08

Saving for that Rainy Day

I remember as a youngster when I received my first allowance of perhaps $.25, my Dad told me always save for a rainy day. You never know when you might need money even if only a dollar or two. Mind you, at that young age, a $1.00 was a lot of money. We could buy candy for a penny, newspapers costs 2cents and if I was lucky Mom would hand me a nickel and tell me to buy 2 papers (Daily News and Daily Mirror) and keep the change. Wow! I could decide what candy should I buy as we had a huge selection at the candy store. Mary Janes, Nonpareils, Gumdrops. Sometimes I would save the penny and see how long it would take to save up a dime to buy a special coloring book or cut outs. The point stayed with me through out my growing up years and from every allowance, I learned to put aside a $1.00. I began an envelope system and marked it with treats, gifts, school supplies, etc. Once I started working, I continued my system and was able to pay my bills on time and would never borrow from the specified envelope, eg. rent, telephone,stamps, food.

Today I am retired and not rich by far, but I have my Social Security, a small pension and some savings and I manage to treat myself to vacations, new clothes and visits to restaurants, shows and just fun things. So for us lucky seniors, who have saved for the “rainy day” spend some of your savings and make your days “sunnier” while you can see the sunshine. Perhaps our youth will adopt this venue of “Saving for a Rainy Day”

2 comments to “Saving for that Rainy Day”

  1. Walk Says:

    Great words to pass on especially with the banking crisis that has hit, which is once again people not taking the blame for their bad decisions. I know several, me included, that wanted to retire early, but our spending habits are now keeping us from it. I’ll make 65, but I was shooting for 55 or 60. Who knows, maybe I’ll write a book that will sell 30 or 40 million and retire early that way.

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