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Jun '13

Running Out of Time

If we multiply the hours in a day times a week and then again by 52 it would give us the grand total of 8768 hours of life in a year.  You just might utter a Wow and say ” I didn’t think I had all that time,  so why is it I don’t have enough time to eat, sleep, work, commute, cook, clean and take care of a family pets, etc?  And, why don’t I have time to call a loved one, write a letter or send a card.?”  “Don’t we realize that we are on a time machine (so to speak) and there are just so many hours given to each one of us.  We have all felt that “it’s not fair feeling, when a loved one’s life  has come to an end, but would we act differently, if we knew how much time we did have?”

I guess my suggestion is we try to become a bit more conscious of the time we do have and use it to the best of our abilities?  For example, what if we allow time every day (if only in 15 minute increments) to remember a loved one, make that phone call,or just lend an ear.  With today’s technology you can even Skype and see your distant relatives and friends.  How wonderful to see that happy face or the newborn!  Just think how great you will feel as you go forth with the rest of your day or night!

Remembering to remember is easy once you have it on your to-do list!  Let’s try for a perfect week,  one week at a time.  Can you do it?.

2 comments to “Running Out of Time”

  1. Spencer Says:

    You are one of the most prolific writers I have ever read.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    I appreciate your kind words, Spencer!