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Jan '10

Remember How?

Maybe I am getting cranky as I get older, but I am thinking the old way somehow seemed so much better when there was good news to be shared and perhaps sometimes bad.  The phone would ring and somehow you could almost guess if you had had considerable contacts with this person that their voice sounded jovial and happy and they were about to share good news with you.  You almost guessed there might be an engagement or someone was beginning a family, or sadly their message would be that someone was ill or had passed away.  Just the idea of the personal touch has somehow gone astray, especially with cell phones.  How much more convenient could it be to just to dial the number?

But no, some people think or assume everyone is on Facebook and so they tell everyone their news, good and bad.

I feel this is in very poor taste and I refuse to respond to a Facebook announcement.  So, if by chance you are waiting to hear from me, be sure you used the old fashioned way to contact me like the telephone or US mail.

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