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Aug '09

Ready for My Trip

I am all packed and excited that I will spend some quality time with my oldest son and his family and my two great grand kids, Marissa and A.J.  When I think of how old my son will be on Monday, it becomes a little mind – boggling as I wonder “where have all of these years gone?”  The past years of raising Terry and his brothers would sometimes become very stressful for me,  as  I was not only working  full time but I was also a single parent.

Trust me, there were moments  when I thought I would lose the little patience that  I had.  But, fortunately today my three boys are three great sons and men to be proud of.   My wish for each is to have a long, healthy and happy life.  I don’t believe I could love them any more than I do.

So, here’s to a few days of hugs, kisses and more of the same……..See you next week and have  a great weekend, too.

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