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Jun '08

Rainy Monday

A few clouds today can hardly erase the warn endearing memories of the past few days. My flight to New York was a breeze with no delays (actually arrived 15 minutes ahead of schedule). There at the gate waiting with open arms were my niece Lynne and her husband Gary. After some great hugs we proceeded to the luggage carousel and tried finding my black suitcase amongst the zillion other black cases. Viola! Off to their wonderful warm condo where we had lunch. It has been a long time since I have eaten a NY bagel and I could have eaten a half dozen except that they are very big and filling. Bringing some back to Florida. Hmmm I can hardly wait. Joshua my great nephew came home from school and my he has grown into a young man all of almost 13 years old. He was showing me his room that would be mine for the next two nights.  To be continued on Wednesday……..

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