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Jul '10

Rain Rain Go Away

I feel like a child waiting for the rain to disappear so I can go out and play.  It sure is warm enough but without that Lucky Florida sun it is not the same.  Past summer weather patterns- some sun for a few hours-t-storms-heavy rain and then sunshine is back, but this past week- rain-t-storms-lightning big bolts of lightning and no sunshine.  Am I spoiled or am I just one of those folks that needs sunlight to keep me motivated and focused?  Anything for an excuse to just rant about everything and nothing, too!

I do hope everyone had a nice fourth of July.  I did have a nice time watching the Capital Fourth on television with the most magnificent fireworks ever. And lucky me,  the channel  did show clips of  Yankee Doodle Dandy and that made Ms Millie very happy.

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