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Oct '08

Preventive Medicine

Earlier this month, I wrote about my sore arms after receiving a pneumonia vaccine in one arm and this year’s flu vaccine in the other. Radiating from the site on my arm where the flu vaccine was administered were painful red streaks all the way down to my wrist. This had never happened to me before in all the years of receiving flu shots. The most uncomfortable reaction I’d ever had before was perhaps a tiny black and blue with a little soreness where the shot penetrated the skin. This time was different.

Fortunately, all is well now. At the time, I visited my regular doctor. He described a mild case of something called cellulitis (a skin infection caused by bacteria) and prescribed an antibiotic that worked quickly to alleviate the redness and pain. Today, the discomfort is completely gone and my skin color is back to normal. And after all that, I’m hoping to be well protected against pneumonia and this year’s flu.

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