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Nov '09

Prayers are Answered

Rita is my wonderful neighbor with the biggest heart and beautiful smile but a little stubborn in her way of thinking (like most of us) when it comes to maintaining one’s body with exercise to keep it moving as pain free as possible.

Lately, she has been plagued with painful arthritis and stiffness in her joints that hindered her walking and stepping up or down.  She had been told by her physician to use a walker when she was outside and also in the house.  But, Rita is a very proud lady and she didn’t listen last Saturday, when she drove to the shopping center and proceeded to walk to the restaurant a few doors away.  She had to step up to the sidewalk but lost her balance and landed in the bushes.

Fortunately her surgery on Monday was a success  and with rehab, Rita should be able to function somewhat on her own for limited times.  Her driving days are over and her daughters realize how upset she will be, but hope to reassure her it is for the best.   Myself  along with the neighbors kept Rita in our prayers with out biggest fear ( paralysis), looming in our thoughts.  We are all very thankful that she did well with the surgery.

We are willing to help Rita in any way we can once she comes home.  Maybe,  I can convince  her to do a little stretching once she is over the major hurdles way down the road.  It is not easy at 81 years of age but she has lots to be thankful for and so do we.

We want Rita in our lives for years to come.

2 comments to “Prayers are Answered”

  1. Walk Says:

    Wishing my best for Rita. I believe the stretching or any excerise would help her.

    Which brings me to this, Because of your singing the praises of yoga and excerise, to fit into my schedule and in order to get me off the couch, I bought a Wii Fitness package and am doing a few yoga moves and quite a bit of aerobics. I have worked my way up to 45 minutes and even though it’s over been a few days, I can tell a difference in my breathing already. So thanks for being an example and an inspiration…now I guess I’ll have to get a keyboard and start piano lessons………

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Walk – the rewards are endless- Just wait and see the new you. Thank you for your loyalty and inspiring comments.