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Jun '09

Pleasant Saturday

At 10  this morning,  I laid my yoga mat down and prepared for the yoga/stretch class that my body really needed after my workouts this week.  This class will be the dessert requiring minimum effort to achieve a feeling of total relaxation.

After class I will buy my favorite healthy smoothie and head home for a quick pick-me -up shower and dress to meet a new friend for lunch (blind date) at a nearby restaurant.  I am trying to think positive as most of these encounters become hum -drum, as I attempt to  answer the same questions while appearing to listen with a thoughtful attentive face.  Someone told me, awhile back that I didn’t have a poker face  (doesn’t help when I am not comfortable or interested.)

I am guessing I am too young for my years in attitude and appearance and trying to meet a counterpart with the same attributes is not working.  It seems as  if they are my age or older,  they are so set in their ways (I am, too) and almost all are overweight with little to  no interest in fitness or healthy eating.  Some will admit they love petite women although they are not particular about their appearance or longevity.   So many women I have spoken  to with regards to this topic,  agree we have to like what we see and believe wholeheartedly in appearance and charisma and good communication skills.

If a man is not pleasing to look at  there won’t be ever be “chemistry.”  It doesn’t mean good looking or cute or handsome, it  simply means class, manners, personality, respect and the ability to enjoy the opposite sex.

In today’s Hollywood world,  the older woman is dating the younger man, but how young is too young and why would someone old enough to be my son want to date me?  Maybe someone out there has experienced this dilemma and can help in this lament……..Hope so!!!   In any event happy Saturday night and enjoy your Sunday morning.

2 comments to “Pleasant Saturday”

  1. Walk Says:

    My wife is ten years older than me. IMHO age doesn’t matter if, like you said, the chemistry is there.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    I will keep searching and hoping…..One of these days!!!!!!!!!