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Apr '12

Pillow Travel

I missed my writer’s group meeting last week due to my injury but decided if I packed a soft pillow to sit on it would make it possible for me attend this afternoon’s meeting.   There were only a few of us as this is a holy week for many.   Doug was a newcomer that inspired me with his great ideas on how to improve our meetings and with his reading of one of his favorite writings on keeping in touch via letter writing.   Remember those days when we bought the nicest stationery and a great pen to write to our loved ones and friends?   Are those days gone forever?  I sure hope not!!!  Anyway, Marie knew at the young age of fifteen at a holiday party that the boy across the room would someday be her husband.   He was nineteen at the time and being it was 1948 he was eligible for the draft and so he joined the United States Air Force.   Once he came home from his tour they married and had thirty-five years of wedded bliss until he passed some years back.   Barbara read about one of her travel experiences that left us laughing and with a tip to not pack liquor in your carry-on bag.

Chris had an interesting photo of the days spent in a bungalow on summer vacations up in Staten Island New York.   I loved seeing the hairstyles and fashion from those wonderful years.   She read about the beach and the freedoms to just play after helping her Mom with her younger siblings.  And as I listened, I recalled the magical times of yesteryear’s where something simple was so wonderful and  yet affordable.  Now it was my turn to read and so I read them my blog on “Who is Ms Millie” and they all seemed to enjoy it.

We said our good-byes and I am looking forward to next weeks meeting and trying to decide what I should bring to read.  Maybe something from my growing up days back in the city.  As I gathered my belongings I realized that my pillow had made my sitting painless until I stood up.   The soreness is still there but it is better!

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