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Feb '10

Perfect Timing

Fortunately the wedding went as planned without a drop of snow or rain, just cold and sunny.  I feel it was perfect timing after seeing the blizzard conditions and mounds of snow in the New York area.

Here in Florida, the temperatures are below average with a prediction of near freezing numbers tonight and early tomorrow.  My little friends at school today remarked how cold it is and when I mentioned the snow in New York, they opened their eyes wide in amazement.  Most have never seen snow and yearn to throw a snowball or two.  One asked with a big smile if someone could mail her a snowball?

When I explained what snow was and what would happen to the snowball as it melted, she giggled…. and I am  hoping for an early Spring!  How about you?

1 comment to “Perfect Timing”

  1. Walk Says:

    I glad you had such a great trip. Congrats to the happy couple. Yes, I’m ready for spring, we have another 5 inches of snow today. Hope your weather gets back to normal, I may come to visit if this weather keeps up.