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Nov '10

Panic Button

Never imagined in a zillion years that I would ever have a problem exiting my car after pulling into a parking spot and grabbing my list-keys and card to pay for my groceries.  As I undid my seat belt and clicked my handle to open the door I heard this little crackling sound and then the door handle would not release the door to open it.  The sun was beating down and it was about 85 degrees and I am sitting there in a panic mode and then thinking how I am getting out of my car?  Do I climb over the drive shaft to the passenger side and exit?  No, let’s try the handle again and somehow it heard me and it opened.

By now I am wondering do I go to the store and leave the car unlocked or call someone to give me some guidance?   If I was thinking clearly I would have realized that if I roll down the window while the car is in park and reach for the handle outside and open the door, I could then raise up the window and turn the ignition off and go about my business.  Instead I called my son Joe to ask his advice and lucky for me,  he was home nursing a cold and he said to sit tight and he would drive to my location.

Once he arrived and he sat in the car and looked and tried the handle he explained that it was only a cable and that after all Mom, the car is 11 years old and I shouldn’t be surprised at things starting to fall apart.  I guess I  don’t look at things that way especially after being so happy at reaching the 60000 miles only a short time ago.  But Joe  is right about parts aging with use but just not with me sitting in a parked car alone in the hot sun.

Fortunately it was early afternoon and I was able to do my shopping and drive home with the promise my son would take my car to the shop for the cable repair on Monday.  Sure hope the repair bill is little.

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