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Jan '11

Out of Sight

I recall from my younger years the saying that went like this  “Out of Sight-Out of Mind, and “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”.  But yet  as I ask around to friends and neighbors who have families living nearby,  and others like myself  that have families living out of state, we do not hear from our grandchildren who seem to know only one form of communicating.  And the reason being is people in their senior years do not want to text or even learn how to and wold love getting a letter or postcard or just a plain old phone call.  There are no more notes letters or postcards or even a thank you card, but  somehow they remember your address when they are mailing out invitations to something special for them.

It is not a surprise when we read that the post office is not making money on postage as the mailings have gone down.  Actually why buy stationery and stamps and not use it?   There are days when not a one of us has heard from our families and we guess that  they just assume that “no news is good news”.  But the best  is when we call and ask how come?   They are quick on the reply that goes like this, “why I spoke two weeks ago and you were fine, so what’s the problem?”  We are fine, we are working, we are busy.  Is this a lack of understanding on our part or is it selfishness wanting some attention and concern. Gee just a phone call or even a message on the machine saying hi, I miss you, I love you and are you O.K.

Well our guess is,  out of state goes along with the out of sight- out of mind.  And it is obvious that “absence does not makes their hearts grown fonder.”   We are just forgotten!

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