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Oct '07

Old Movies

Way back when there was a song called “Saturday Night is the Loneliest Night of the Week” and this is still true for many of us without a date or a friend to spend the time with. I filled my night with an old movie starring William Holden and Jennifer Jones in the famous Love is a Many Splendid Thing. Once again I cried as the Four Aces sang throughout the movie the theme song. It was a beautiful love story in so many ways . They seemed destined for each other but war and his marital status were thorns in the relationship. He was a war correspondent and he had an assignment overseas and is killed. Their meeting place used to be up on a hill top so Sooyen walks back up the hill to relive the moments and she thinks she sees him walking toward her. By now I am sobbing, because I believe true love is a many splendid thing. So much for old movies on a Saturday night.

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