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Sep '10

No Sign of Fall

I think I became a little envious today when I learned that New York had a temperature of 78 and cloudy.  My car registered 94 after being parked outside for an hour while I did my power yoga class.  It seems to me that the days are as hot as they were back in June with nary a sign of  Fall approaching.  Most of us  are still wearing shorts and sleeveless attire and the air is on continuously.  In  seasons past I usually call the service company to check my air-conditioning unit before renewing the service contract.  October is the starting month for appointments as the cooler temperatures are upon us and the air is off.  (Quiet time)

Just the thought of having a window open to let the fresh air in makes me smile.  I  truly believe it is one of the best air fresheners around and best of all, it is free!

So maybe I can use this as a gauge and look ahead to the end of September and feel a noticeable change in the weather.  And just maybe a long sleeved shirt might be necessary to keep my arms warm.

Has Fall arrived in your neighborhood?  Let me know.  Have a great week ahead.

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