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Sep '08

New TV Season

I watched a premiere show last night “Raising the Bar” and I was impressed with the actors and the format.  It might just be a hit this season as its flavor is promising.  The one attorney in the cast of characters stuck to his principles and didn’t flow with the “System” so to speak.  I like when someone can disagree and not be penalized for believing and acting accordingly.  I am looking forward to next Monday’s show.  This is the fun time this month when all the new shows and the old ones return.  I  do enjoy my CSI  and Criminal Minds.  What are some of your favorites?  This week will also give us the winner of America’s got Talent and I have my favorite picked and have been voting faithfully.  Do you have yours?

2 comments to “New TV Season”

  1. Walk Says:

    My favorites are not part of the “Big 3” networks but cable shows. Monk, Burn Notice and Bones are three of my fav’s but I’ve been so busy this summer I’ve missed most of them. I’ve seen AGT a couple of times but haven’t had anyone really stand out, besides the 4 year old that sang and I imagine she’s been kicked off already.

  2. MsMillie Says:

    Good news, the precious talented four year old, is one of the finalists. She looks like a little angel and sings with the sweetest of voices. In addition to this,she is one of the youngest on AGT and she just might make it.