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Jan '12

New Appliances

I have been lucky for the past 16 years with my Sears Kenmore appliances and will be sad to see them picked up next week.  My washer has sprung a leak and the dryer has lost its heating element.  After ordering my new washer and dryer on-line my water heater decided to join the other two and stop making hot water.  Lucky for me I have an awesome plumber that can buy and install one within a day’s time, and so Adam is here now with his two helpers doing just this.  I can look forward to a hot bath/shower later today.

They tell me I have been fortunate to have appliances last this long without repairs. Can I be this lucky second time around?  It sure would be nice especially with the high prices of new ones with a zillion choices of basic washing.  I only use the permanent press, delicate and cold water and my clothes look and smell clean.   So here’s to another ten years and I will be thankful.

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