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Oct '08

My Sore Arms

This is the season for people of all ages to get their flu shot.  It was highly recommended that I get it because of my closeness with children.  I was also told that I needed the pneumonia shot, too.  We could do one a week,  I tell the doctor.  No, he replies “my assistant will be in with a shot for each arm, not to worry – there should be no reaction.”  

For me, the norm turns out that I am the exception.  Sure enough, my arm that received the flu shot was fine, but the left arm ached.  I just attributed it to stronger serum for pneumonia.  Today, I looked at my arm and it was shades of blotchy red and ached.  Off to the doctor’s office I approach the window and tell the girl quietly so that the people in the waiting room don’t panic, that my arm is all red and hurts like the devil.  In to the doctor’s room, he looks and says, it is unusual but it is not serious.  He prescribed an antibiotic and warm soaks.  Right now as I am typing, I see as a pretty shade of pink, I am hoping this means the infection has subsided and I will not get the flu or pneumonia.  Here’s to staying healthy!

4 comments to “My Sore Arms”

  1. Walk Says:

    Better get that arm well, you have beans to pick! My neighbor says “Never listen to a doctor’s advice”. She should know, she’s a doctor.

  2. MsMillie Says:

    Not sure when we will picking beans, but by the shade of pink today, I think my arm will be fine when the time is right.

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  4. MsMillie Says:

    Here’s a link to a follow-up post too!