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Feb '09

My Funny Valentine

They were dressed in bright red sports coats, dress black slacks, white shirts and big smiles. I must admit how very handsome they all looked and how I proud I was to be a part of the Frank Parson’s Big Band Concert once again. The monthly event at the Richey Suncoast Theatre are a big hit and it is no wonder they are becoming a sell out each time. ( I will be renewing my subscription next month to keep my seat- D-10). The band continued the Valentine celebration with wonderful heartfelt songs from years back with solos by Liz Anthony dressed in a festive red long dress to mark the occasion. Fred Noon played his heart out as well as the other sax, trombone, players, piano and drummer.

Each does such a wonderful job and it shows how much they love to play and entertain. One of my favorite songs from 1954-55 “Blow Me A Kiss”, Kitty Kallen YouTube brought back fond memories as well as Liz Anthony’s rendition of It’s Been a Long Long Time.

It is no wonder that there is something to be said about yesterday’s love songs-simple and sincere-we tend to remember the words and the love of our lives at that time. Once again it has been an enjoyable afternoon.

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