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Nov '08

My Body Aches

There is a familiar lament that goes I think like this “Everything in Moderation”.  I should heed this more often as my legs were throbbing with pain and cramping at two this morning.  Yesterday, I started the day at the Fusion Fit Club and did the half hour of Kickboxing class, then did an hour class of Yoga and Pilate’s and finished with the hour class of Stretch Max.  Sat at the Oxygen Bar and had my 10 minutes of orange flavored oxygen (liquid) inhaled through my nostrils and left for home feeling great, energized, alive.

Had a nice lunch and an Advil to ward off any muscle aches and headed for the hairdresser for a trim and color (cover the grey) when Ester decided highlights might be a nice change.  I left myself in her capable hands and viola, ” I liked the results”.  As  I headed for home I planned what I would wear to the dance to go with my new hairdo and new dancing shoes.  I think every woman loves being pampered.  It felt wonderful wearing a dress, pretty shoes and a new look with my hair style change.

I danced and danced until my legs started to hurt a little and my lower back felt slightly sore.  Sadly,  I refused the next offer to dance and explained – I needed to take a break  –  could I have a rain check?  I put my dancing shoes in the beautiful velvet bag for safe keeping and wore my sandals for the ride home.  I said good night to all my friends new and old, as we hobbled to the car.  A hot cup of tea and an Advil will be soothing, I thought (as soon as I reach home).  This accomplished, I headed for bed only to awake to cramps in my legs.  I found these little pain pads in my cabinet, put two or three around each calf and went back to bed.  When I awoke this morning, the cramps in my legs were gone, but my back still aches.  So much for dancing and exercise plus new shoes all in one day.  Next time………….

1 comment to “My Body Aches”

  1. Walk Says:

    But “Oh what a day!” Just how often do you have a day like that?