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Ms. Millie, the sassy so called senior that some call a motivational force, cordially invites you to join her quest to stay youthful and feel better, inside & out.

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Aug '09

My Best Friend

In just about a month my dear friend Sadie will turn 84 and she still sounds as young as a schoolgirl,  when we chat on the phone.  Sadie and I first met back in 1989,  when I came to Florida to check on my new home being built.  She and her husband Bill would be living 2  houses away in 2 bedroom 2 bath ranch style home.   It seemed to me we became instant friends and looked forward to being good neighbors, too.  The next fourteen years  brought many shared occasions like birthdays, bar-b-q’s , card games and just neighborly coffee hours.  Many a Sunday we spent in my huge in ground pool with spa with other invited guests.  We laughed and cried together

Bill had been in World War II at a young age and almost lost an arm but fortunately survived and went on to become a husband, father and business man.  He developed diabetes and then Alzheimer’s in 2000.  Sadie was heartbroken but being the strong woman we knew her to be, she took excellent care  of Bill until it became overbearing for her.  She courageously placed him in a nursing home and visited him every day until he passed in 2004.

Sadie’s son in Atlanta, GA  decided it would be best for Sadie to move closer to him and so Sadie left Florida for a start on her new path of life.  She fit right in with the activities of golf, singing in the choir, playing bridge.and being a member of  the Red Hats Ladies.

Bill was 6’3″ and Sadie a mere 4’8″ (a Mutt and Jeff couple) that were so handsome and cute together.   I will remember Bill always and Sadie will forever remain “the best friend a girl could ever have”

Here is a picture of   “one dynamic lady”!!

My Best Friend Sadie (RED HAT ATTIRE)

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