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May '08

My All Time Favorite Singers

Some of my favorite singers are still belting our their songs today. Folks like Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, John Davidson, Elton John and Rod Stewart always bring a smile to my face.

My children tell me that they always knew how dinner would come out depending on the music I was playing on my cassette player (remember those?) I did my best cooking listening to Tom Jones croon to What’s New Pussycat? Or Shirley Bassey singing This is My Life or Goldfinger. Johnny Mathis always sings Chances Are, Maria, and You Light Up My Life with his smooth style and voice.

Elton John would pound his piano and Rod Stewart would sing all the words that are tucked away in my heart. They inspired me to make great roast beef dinners or linguine with clam sauce. If I played Jerry Vale or Sergio Franchi they were guaranteed outrageous lasagna or stuffed shells. I guess my cooking expertise relates to my musical tastes du jour.

C’est si bon (even though I cannot make a single french dish)

It’s so good!

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