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Nov '09

Music of Glenn Miller

It was a wonderful afternoon filled with familiar nostalgic lyrics backed by the Frank Parsons Big  Band.  There was a song that jolted my memory called “Polka Dots and Moonbeams Sparkled a Pug-Nose Dream.”  The lyrics mention a love relationship about a girl with a pug-nose.   Ironically many years ago, when I was dating my husband- to- be,  he gave me the nick name of Puggy as he always felt that I had a pug-nose.  It has been a long time and it sure brought back poignant memories.  I guess there is  something to be said about teen-age love and relationships,  that we cherish.

The two hours of  Glenn Miller kept us tapping and humming and singing along.  Frank Parsons gets better and better and I am looking forward to the Christmas selections on December 6 2009.

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