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Jun '09

Mixed Emotions

It has been a week of sadness.  Losing so many talented people from the entertainment world, viewing their lives and hearing their music and songs is a glimpse of “how fragile our life really is”.  That famous cliche “Here today- Gone Tomorrow” –  is a reminder for all of us to heed as we put off for the most part our dreams, our vacations, our lives for another day.  For me, I don’t feel I am guaranteed that there is a tomorrow, and so with that thought in mind,  I am going to try and live each hour of my day,  being the best that I can.  If I can be loving and caring and also be able to lend an ear or a shoulder or just be able to extend a hand to those who might need me will be awesome.

Don’t put off for tomorrow, what you can do today!  Somehow,  that just came to mind and I am wondering if that is another cliche?

1 comment to “Mixed Emotions”

  1. Walk Says:

    Life is too short to be self-focused. The only way we leave a mark is when we become the servant and serve others. If you think about it, two people that has made their name a household word, Bill Gates and Mother Teresa, whom would people say, if they were honest, they had more respect for? I would say Mother Teresa, who died poor in the world’s eyes but rich in God’s.