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Apr '12

Mixed Emotions

This has been a hodge podge of feelings the past few days along with a mixture of sad and glad moments.  One of the glad times was getting back to my yoga classes which is always the best mood lifter (as it is so much a part of my day my life) and my soreness is gone, too!

My little ones at school are growing up so fast, it seems they are growing inches every week. And with June coming up soon I will be sad once again to hug each one of them as they leave first grade knowing how to read and be able to write sentences. In the interim I will continue to enjoy helping them learn more words and having them read one of their favorite books.  They are so proud of themselves when they tell me what the story is about and describe what is happening in the pictures.   I love them as much as I love my yoga.

Today I decided I not to continue my visits to the library as the group has dwindled and it is not the format I was looking for.  I might consider starting a group of my own with lunch included.  It is always nicer and more desirable when one can share their comments and critiques as I have done in the past.

My saddest moment was hearing the news of Dick Clark’s passing.   I loved his charm and personality and I recall the American Bandstand like it was yesterday.   When the show came on I would be ironing my husband’s shirts and I remember trying to learn how to do the twist with Chubby Checker.   I never did master the dance but it was fun trying.  He will surely be missed this New Years Eve as that has been my place to be all the years that he was at Times Square as I watched the ball come down at midnight.

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