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Oct '14

Making Room

My closets are starting to look empty ( but my utility room is an eyesore) with boxes and bags labeled for garage sale-donate and give to my son Joe.  My goodness,  I never realized how much stuff I have and although it is in great condition I no longer have use for it.  My big cooking days for the holiday dinners are a thing of the past and sadly, I need to part with my baster for that wonderful Thanksgiving turkey along with the glass baking dish to hold my delicious (heard it on the grapevine) stuffed shells or lasagna.  Cork screws for the bottles of wine I no longer buy or use and baking pans of all shapes and sizes.  I can’t even give those away as most of my friends are way younger than I and they don’t bake or even have the time to do so.  So far I have a buyer for my computer and monitor,  but I need a buyer for my computer table that is a dream to care for.  And so I might be buying a laptop that will fit just about anywhere.  Alas, the postal service is making big bucks on me mailing my son priority boxes of photos, knickknacks,  holiday trinkets and stuffed Santa Claus’s up North that I think my grandchildren will love.

I think my biggest challenge thus far is trying to sell my solid oak furniture that is 28  years old and in great condition.  The latest news is that no one uses armoires any more.  They are a thing of the past and being I am from the old school, I don’t know where they store their clothes or linens.   I might just have to give it away to a needy person, perhaps someone who has lost everything in a fire or flood.   It would help them while giving me that “feel good” feeling for helping another human being in need.

Well that’s it for now……..

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