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Aug '08

Making Comparisons

For us older folks … As I look around in my everyday travels at the younger generation (under 60) I do not see happy looks on their faces or smiling eyes. I don’t hear words of fulfillment or gratitude.

I repeat the familiar adage “Back in My Day” only because it is so true of our generation (60 and up). We knew how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, make believe, and free – fun-activities, toy guns, paper airplanes, cut outs, paper dolls, pink Spalding balls. Some of us I am sure remember the hand-me-downs, the rations, W.P.A., taking two buses to a clinic and then sit for hours for free medical care. Throughout all of this we came out with the ingredients of self respect, love of one another, pride and also how to be independent and save for a rainy day, no matter how meager our income. Always save -even it is only a penny. That rainy day could be right around the corner. so be prepared.

This leads me to the question as to what your feelings are, regarding our recipe for happiness in today’s world … It seems we had a ball, in spite of it all. So let me hear those memories, feelings, comments.

2 comments to “Making Comparisons”

  1. Walk Says:

    How to have happiness in today’s world? I think it can be summed up in two words – make time. Make time for family and friends. Make time to talk instead of having a electronic device stuck in your ear. Make time to stand in the rain. Make time to do those things that make other people wonder about your sanity. I guess there’s another three words that could go with that – make time to have fun.

  2. MsMillie Says:

    Most people will say automatically “I don’t have the time” Do they realize that time waits for no one? There is no time like the present to enjoy the wonderful things you mentioned,family, friends, nature and plain old fun. So I hope in reading our comments, people will take heed.