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Jan '08

Loving Life

I have come to love my life so much more since I retired four years ago.  All of the thirty years that I worked and raised a family was a challenge and so I became a very scheduled person.  Each night I had chores delegated with the plan that came Saturday night I would have  time to go out and relax.

On Sundays I would cook meals and made doubles so I could freeze a week’s meals and have meals for the coming week.  One night I would vacuum and do laundry, another I would iron (before Permanent Press days).   Today, I have so much free time that finding enough to keep me busy has me in a dilemma at times.  I fill my days with volunteering for the school and the elderly and writing my blog.  Some days I have lunch with friends.  Nights I can watch my shows and not have to watch the clock.  It definitely is liberating but sometimes it gets lonely.  I sometimes miss having to prepare a dinner for four or five people.  Then I think I will invite some people for dinner and then it is – why?  So much easier to meet at a restaurant.   My home  stays neat and clean and I retired my iron and have lots of hangars to dry my clothes.  Life is sweet and relaxing and I am grateful for these calm days and wonder how I did it all  of the yesteryear’s.

2 comments to “Loving Life”

  1. Walk Says:

    Retirement, only my dream now, but maybe I can after my first best seller. :>) I glad you’re enjoying your life and retirement. Too many retire from work and life at the same time. Keep truckin’ my dear, you are only as old as you want to be.

  2. msmillie Says:

    Walk, I know we will be reading your “best seller” any day now. With your talent it is a sure thing.